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The NY & NJ Slow Motion Booth

Welcome to the latest booth in the entertainment industry – The Super Slow Motion Video Booth! It’s cool, it’s fun, it’s social and its the latest trend brought to you by All Generations & Ready to Go Productions. These creative and unique videos can be recorded, edited and distributed through social media onsite at your next event. See details below on what is included in this fun new booth.

  • Videos are recorded in high def slow motion and replayed instantly for your guests on an TV screen
  • Video clips are edited onsite and uploaded to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using a unique hashtag so guests can watch them during the event
  • Props are given to create a fun environment (suggestions accepted to fit your event’s theme)
  • The booth will be accompanied by 3 staff members: The Videographer (films and directs guests on how to use the booth), The Editor (edits onsite short clips and the final production), The Social Tech (uploads videos to social streams and manages the distribution of content)
  • A final production is professionally edited onsite and can be played at the event (subject to time restrictions)
  • Choose between a plain white background or a green screen where various backgrounds will be edited into each clip (background suggestions accepted)
  • Add on a Social Media Station where guests can use our touch screens to find stills photos remove from their slow motion video and have the option to upload it to their Facebook, ¬†Twitter or Pinterest, email it or print it onsite with a custom border or logo

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